Boise Friends Church Building Use Policies and Procedures

With the primary purpose of Boise Friends Church being to “bring people into reconciliation with God

through Jesus Christ,” the decisions for use of church facilities must be evaluated with this focus in mind.

Because we want to be good stewards of the facilities God has given us, we establish these guidelines

regarding facility usage.

1. Use of the church building which includes the sanctuary, fellowship hall, and classrooms must be approved by the Trustees and is scheduled through the church office.

2. Requests will be considered for functions requested by BFC church members, immediate family of BFC church members, groups from other Friends churches, and local ministries which are supported by the church in principal and purpose.

3. All other requests for building use from organizations that do not share our focused ministry purpose will not be considered.

4. A church key may be left in the lockbox for the person responsible for the event. The key is to be returned to the lockbox at the end of the event.

5. Facilities they are to be left in the manner which they were found.

6. Any breakage or damages should be reported to the custodian or church office. Cost of the repair will be deducted from the deposit.

7. An adult must always be present for any children’s or youth activity.

8. Use of any alcohol, tobacco or drugs is not permitted on the premises.

9. Events which include social dancing will not be held in church facilities.

10. Any function held on Saturday must be completed before 8PM, unless prior arrangements are made with the custodian.

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Gymnasium Space Sharing Policies

1. Liability Insurance is required for Gymnasium use. Insurance certificate is to be issued to Boise Friends Church.

2. The user is responsible for leaving the gym in the same condition as it was found. Any group not leaving the gym in its original condition will forfeit the cleaning  deposit. This includes the following rules and procedures:

– Clean up spills

Repair or report any broken or malfunctioning equipment

– Put all equipment back in its original storage area

– No food or drink is permitted in the gym -water is permitted

– Only non-marking shoes are to be used on the gym floor

Gym floors must be swept after each session (supplies can be found in the janitor closet)

Restrooms must be checked after each session – toilets flushed and faucets turned off

– Lost and found items left after each session use are to be taken by the responsible person/coach

(BFC not responsible for lost items)

Check glass door exits by women’s restroom after each session to make sure they are shut tight

– All gym & restroom lights are to be turned off after each session

– All doors must be locked after each session

3. The group representative will be responsible for the repair or replacement of any equipment damaged due to negligence during the group’s activity.

4. Boise Friends Church has priority use of all church and gym facilities and reserves the right to pre-empt any activity for church purposes. Every attempt will be made to schedule church activities around existing schedules.

5. Cost reimbursement for single use is due no later than the business day prior to the activity. For long term use, due monthly by the 25th of the month.